Thursday, March 28, 2013

Premier Information On; Class - It Makes All The Difference

The past couple of days, we've looked at various factors that are considered important when making a bet. This time we're taking a look at yet another factor that help's myself and Premier Information in the selection process: Class. 

This can have a massive impact on our assessment in the selection process. Class is permanent, form is temporary. In racing, class can be described as the quality of opposition a horse races against.
A horse that is raised in class usually has to improve in order to succeed. A horse running in the same class needs to reproduce its best level of form to succeed and a horse dropped in class may merely need to just run relatively close to its normal ability to win.  

A wise trainer will often have his horses running against the very best horses at the highest grade the horse will qualify for. Then, when the horse has maybe shown some consistency, drop it in class. By dropping it in class the horse has much less to do to win. This is something we look for all the time. Imagine an athlete competing in the Olympic Games. His best performance gets him a bronze medal. Let’s imagine he cannot possibly achieve better. However, if you then take that athlete to a minor competition at, say, a regional level, you would expect him to be head and shoulders above the lower class opposition. He would then win and win well.The same applies to horses.   If you see a horse that has been running to a consistent level of form, which is then dropped significantly in grade, is fit and looks to be facing moderate opposition, then this could be excellent circumstances in which to place a bet.

Backing a horse going up in class is a different proposition. Many horses fail to win when raised in class. However, if the horse is improving rapidly, is likely to be fitter than it was in its last run and has shown an ability beyond its previous grade, then it is possible that the horse can step up in grade and continue its progression and win. It is by no means out of the question for horses to be raised in class and win. However, some horses winning impressively at a low grade can flatter to deceive.   It is all about making an objective assessment.

So far, we have looked at form, fitness and class. Next on the cards we will consider the conditions and the “sub factors” that are so important in this aspect. Be sure to keep upto speed over at Premier Information

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Form And Fitness: The Importance Of Assessing Premier Information

I am often asked what means and methodology I use for making selections and which
factors ultimately lead ourselves at Premier Information to the decision on whether to bet or not.

Everyone has their own ideas. "Many men, many methods" as the saying goes. But over the coming articles, I will take you through the main factors that I consider a solid base for the selection process.

Today, I will take a look at Form and Fitness.

Form is a major consideration in making a selection. Form is a factual record of
performance; a record of exactly what has previously been achieved. It is the sole means
of reliably assessing and comparing ability. The higher the grade of race, the more reliable
form tends to be. Whilst never forgetting we are dealing with flesh and blood, high class
horses running in high class events tend to run reliably to form. Lower class racing is not
considered quite so reliable. Everyone interprets form in their own way. Form is a factor
which can never be underestimated. Ultimately though, how that form is interpreted is
down to the individual.

Fitness is also an important factor. Fitness can influence form. Is a horse at peak fitness?
When did it last run? Is it likely to improve and strip fitter for its last run? In years gone
by, one would be very wary of a horse making its seasonal debut. Many horses need to
“have a run” in order to get them properly fit. These days, modern training methods are
so well honed that good trainers can have the horse fit and ready to go even after a long
layoff. However, I generally like to see a horse run within two weeks of its last start. One
can assume that an animal running within two weeks of a race will be pretty fit.

If a horse is not fit it can invalidate the form.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Premier Information: Why Football And Racing Appeal

As anyone could probably tell you, professional betting can be quite a daunting industry to delve into. Thankfully, it is an industry that Premier Information has grown it's roots around and thus, developed a vast knowledge of.

I would like to explain why professional betting on football and racing, in combination, works so well. It is very much to our advantage to use two mediums to make long term profits. Our method of staking, ie staking a percentage of an overall “betting bank” means that we never have all our eggs in one basket – by that I mean we only ever spend a small proportion of our betting fund at any one time. Consequently, we ensure that we never risk everything on one
bet. Our risk is very carefully managed in a totally professional manner. This is a point I cannot stress enough.

The risk is always limited, and this is a key factor in our long term success. In addition to this, by betting on football and racing, we take the view that should one aspect of the service go through a bad patch or losing period, the other aspect can often compensate. Naturally, if both do well then our gains can be very dramatic. Conversely, it is true that on occasions both can have a poor period, but the strike rate we achieve ensures that this does not last too long and our
staking ensures the betting bank is never compromised.

It is also true to say that the strike rate for Premier Information's football bets are extremely high and this is another factor that ensures we do not tend to suffer those appalling and soul destroying losing runs which can sap confidence. My colleagues, a group of retired ex professional footballers, (whom due to their own profiles must remain anonymous), provide the high quality football betting advice.

The marriage of both works superbly well. Our football contacts do not bet on cup matches and advise simple win bets on league matches. They do not back the ridiculously
short priced obvious bets at ludicrous odds. They would not bet on Chelsea to beat Brighton at odds of 1/7 or some such. Nor do they suggest any “novelty” bets such as the number of bookings or first goal scorer etc. It is simply a formula that picks winning teams at acceptable prices. The football naturally takes a break in the summer and this is precisely when the horseracing flat season is at its peak.

These summer months are the golden period of racing and a time when we are very actively involved. The marriage of both football and racing betting works so incredibly well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Premier Information: The Art Of Betting Smart

We at Premier Information, along with a small number of clients, selectively, cautiously and infrequently bet on horse racing and football. We do it in a thoroughly professional and business like manner. We are not chancers or “hooked” gamblers and, on average, we place three or four investment bets per week. We bet purely on a professional basis and not for pleasure. We only ever invest when the circumstances are totally in our favour.

Selecting horses that win on a regular basis is a complex procedure, and requires great skill and diligence. Similarly, we only bet on the outcome of a football match when the most thorough analysis suggests we have a very clear edge.
You don’t have to explore this industry too closely to learn that whilst most people lose, a small number of people can, and do, make a very good living through a patient, disciplined and cautious approach to investing in horse racing and sports betting. Our service must not be confused with general “tipping services” that simply put out a plethora of bets every day on every race. That is not how we operate.

During the time Premier Information has operated this service, we have honed and developed every aspect of it. We are prepared to permit a limited number of clients to access our information and effectively bet alongside us. Each day at a specified time, our clients, using a unique pin number, access our NON-PREMIUM RATE telephone line and listen to our message that will clearly state whether or not there is an opportunity on that day. Depending on our analysis, we will instruct you to place a percentage of your “betting bank” on that selection.

We recommend you use a telephone betting account or online account with a leading bookmaker.
This is available to anyone with a debit or credit card (you will be instructed how to do this when you join us). It takes two minutes to open an account and less than thirty seconds to place a bet. Your winnings are credited back to your debit/credit card account at the end of that day. The idea is to build your betting bank slowly and carefully in a totally professional manner. Note that the service is also available by email for those who find calling our service inconvenient. Be sure to visit our FAQ page should you have any queries!